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Chronicle of events

End of 2012

Team established,realised that Chinese keyboard and mouse manufacturers are heavily dependent on foreign IC, especially  high-grade high-performance multi key mouse IC and game mouse IC.

May 2013
Company registered in Wuxi Hi-tech Zone.

September 2013
First MPW project wafer tape-out in SMIC, verification of the combination of 8 chips simultaneously.

May 2014
First tape-out the 3 in 1 RF SOC.

June 2014
The first type mass production multi-media & multi-key mouse IC named A702 was tap-out successfully,used high performance production and technology,once introduced,gain the market recognition soonly.

August 2014
The same series multi-media &multi-key mouse IC named A601&A704  successed tape-out at once,complete the high-end, middle, low-end multi key game mouse  distributiont, and to the market,and overall introduced to the market.

February 2015
The first patent "wireless transceiver automatic code method" was authorized, at the same time, there are three core invention patents in public, entering the pre empowerment stage.

March 2015
Complete the first 1kk amount sales on wired mouse IC series, and the market feedback stable, fine, keep more than 10%  growth rate monthly.

April 2015
Introduced  low-end 6keys Mouse IC named A601BS with good cost performance, which have the biggest competitive advantage  with high performance and less BOM, guide the multi- key  mouse market revolution, open the first year of multi-key mouse.

May 2015
"Multi-mode multi-key multi function mouse IC" won the "Chinese good technology" award in 2014 .

July 2015
Introduced A603 mouse IC,can swithed on-off seven colors/single color breathing lamp,reduce the cost of application and production, and achieve green energy saving, low carbon environmental protection.

August 2015
Sucessfully designed the Macro difinition for A704,with the minimum cost and high performance win a good reputation,become the only single IC with macro definition in the industry.

June 2016
Introduced high cost performance 3key/4key mouse IC A581/A582,with single breathing lamp/seven colors backlight lamp and can be swithed on-off,let the 3key/4key mouse IC become more bright and colorful,and lower cost.

December 2016
Introduced the first type full speed 2 in 1 game  mouse IC with macro definition named A804.

May 2017
Introduced the full speed full colors backlight game mouse IC with macro definition named A814.

Passed the certification of "National high and new technology enterprises"
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